Day before departure

It was already known for a while that the day before departure would arrive. The fact that it will come to this was actually known from the moment I have decided to go on this adventure.

Basis was good. Almost all the major stuff that was on my before departure to-do list was taken care of. I have visited all the offices and the officials, lots of shops, the pile with the equipment at home was slowly but surely grooving, but what has been filling me with a special level of satisfaction was the fact that the day before together with Matjaž (my brother) we have managed to put Lou in a box the way it should be done.

The day before departure was Sunday. I woke up not to early not too late, made some coffee as many times before and drunk it together with Matjaž. This was followed by a relaxed morning with some of not so essential shopping, a stroll through downtown Ljubljana and a family lunch that prolonged into the afternoon. The activities themselves were not unlike any other Sunday, but everybody involved was aware of the fact that this is the day before my departure.

In the evening the final phase of the packaging begun. Apart from Lou basically nothing else has been packed. All the stuff was on their proper little piles and at least in my head they were all accounted for and properly arranged. Reality however was that they must be put into bags and boxes. And during this time I was hit by an emotional rollercoaster.

There was the excitement of departure and anticipation of the new morning that will take me across the Atlantic so I can commence the route of discovery of everything that lays ahead. And with this excitement came also its counterpart, the fear of the unknown, unfamiliar and new.

These two opposites were “connected” by the chaos of the moment when I was doing a million things at once. From rearranging all the equipment into bags, to arranging all my papers and putting those in an orderly manner so that Matjaž, who will be dealing with my bureaucracy while I’ll be away, can find them in case he needs them.

Amidst all this came the sorrow of goodbye. Goodbye from a well-known routine but above all from all the familiar people. On the road I will only be meeting new faces.

But this sorrow is an essential part of every goodbye, it’s a part of every departure and departure is a must if you want to return. There is no return if it is not preceded by a departure.


I fell asleep late and tired, extremely tired (physically and emotionally).

Not a clue what was in store for me the next day. And what was there the next day? Well, everything that has happened to me on Monday is partially the reason what it took me so long to make this post. After flying from Ljubljana to Zurich my connecting flight to London was delayed. Result – missed my flight to Halifax. And the odyssey begins. Running around the airport in search of answers and support. From one helpful to another extremely unfriendly, useless address. It ended with me getting on a flight to Boston and from there to Halifax. Luckily the flight from Boston to Halifax was also delayed otherwise I would have stayed in Boston. Instead at 4 p.m. I have arrived to Halifax at 1 a.m. Needless to say, my baggage did not come with me. It got lost somewhere at the Heathrow airport. At the moment the only assurance I have is that the baggage has been found and it is on route to me. Lou might need to spend another night in Boston (if he’s really there).

In hope of reuniting with Lou soon, I’m signing off.


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