First Days of Canada

First days of Canada started with mixed emotions. The warm welcome by Jenna and Dale from warmshowers managed to partially compensate the bad feeling of being at the beginning of my cycling tour without the essential element – bicycle. The Swiss or the Brits somehow managed to lose Lou and all my luggage. So the first day found me strolling around Halifax still tired from the journey trying to get the feel of the new country and also arranging via internet all the necessary to get my luggage back. It came on the next day, Wednesday, when in the middle of the cold, rainy day I got a phone call from Air Canada notifying me that my luggage will be delivered to me at my local address. The reunion with Lou was an amazing moment even thou Lou showed that they did not take care of him the way they should. Nevertheless there were no major injuries sustained.

For motivation and relaxation I allowed myself another day in Halifax and Jenna and Dale were supportive of this idea. After a whole day of wandering around and arranging some minor things before departure, Jenna and Dale prepared a proper, home-made barbecue.


Friday, departure day, was rainy and cold. I was not so keen on going out but on the other hand, I wanted to start pedalling. All the rain gear on I went on the road. Kilometres flew past slowly while I was getting wetter and colder. At the end of the day that was the condition I was in when I had arrived to the campsite where I had pitched my tent. As I did not buy any petrol for my stove, I had to deal with a cold dinner. Luckily for the nice neighbours that had provided me with some hot water for a coffee.

I had decided that I would take the first few days easy to allow my body to adapt to the new reality of life. And also because on the second day in the afternoon the pain started to grow in my left knee. All this considered I managed to do 300 km in 5 days over the rolling hills of Nova Scotia.


Based on Jenna’s and Dale’s recommendation I took a more southern route that initially took me along the coastline and then across the interior accompanied by swarms of little black flies that surround you immediately once you stop or you are turning the pedals at less than 13 km/h (in a country with lots of uphills that is not so rare) and then they start to bite and drink your blood. Nasty!
The route took me then to Digby where I caught the ferry to cross the Bay of Fundy into Saint John, New Brunswick.

Wednesday morning in Saint John was foggy which apparently is not such a rare event around here. Soon I was in a proper pedal turning rhythm and as the road turned towards the sea, through the mist and the salty sea air that you can taste in your mouth, the sun started to show and it stayed with me through the whole day. Today’s goal was to reach Oak Bay near St Stephen where I was to meet and stay at Dave with whom I got in contact with through a high school schoolmate Dominik or better said his blog.
About 30km before the finish I get in touch with Dave who gives me additional motivation to reach his place today – there is a cold beer in the fridge.
For the first time on this tour I managed to do a 100 in a day. As a reward I get a cold beer and this view.



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