About Roads and Wildlife in Canada

The title seems as something that at first sight does not have much in common. And that is probably the case, but today these two topics were the only thing that went through my mind. It’s a way of filling in the long hours from sunrise to sunset.


Canadian roads are generally empty and well maintained. But there are exemptions. Today was a day of exemptions. Beautiful new road all of a sudden transforms into something that has been fixed at least 10 times. And there are still holes in it. Holes the size of a small lake. And when you find yourself on such a road, it’s going to hurt. Half a day I spent slaloming in search of a line that had the least holes and bumps. Luckily the Canadian roads are generally empty 🙂


Otherwise these roads are driven by well-behaved drivers. Most of them. And most of them are courteous of bicyclist and extremely patient. Rarely did it happen that the car would go pass me at a distance of less than a meter. If possible they would take the opposite lane. Someone I have met (if reading this, please excuse me for not remembering who this was) mentioned to me that this is probably because it’s just too much of a hassle to run over someone. Works for me!

As for patience let me just say this. If the car cannot pass you by at a distance of more than a meter they simply slow down and wait for space or that they can see the oncoming traffic (i.e. on a corner). It is quite possible that in this time a queue forms behind them. But nobody honks their horns, nobody is nervous. Pretty much a new experience for me.


And now about the other subject of the title. Wildlife. Yes, Canada has abundant and diverse wildlife. Most of it I have not yet meet and some of them I do not even want to like bears, coyotes, enraged moose, etc. Yesterday a deer jumped across the road in front of me. And there were plenty of birds that I saw, including a hummingbird. But the animals that most define my last days, some of you might have already guessed, are the little black devils aka. The black flies. They are everywhere and they suck blood. The other day I had decided to pitch my tent close to a lake (well not at the water’s edge but you get the picture). And they surrounded me so that I had given up on a hot dinner and just quickly closed myself in the tent. And that was not all, they got help from the mosquitoes. The little time I spent outside my tent this evening and the next morning, the black flies and the mosquitoes had a competition which species will drink more of my blood. This was a quantitative aspect of the competition. Then they decided to have a qualitative or stylish aspect as well. Which species will more often get me in a position when I cannot defend myself (e.g. when putting my bags on a bike or folding away my tent when both of my hands are occupied). It’s then when they find the most impossible on my body and start to feast.

No idea about which species has won, but I know the fighting was ferocious and I get to bare the results.


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