First thousand done!


Yes, I can change focus on my camera

Sitting in a pub in Quebec City and reflecting on the first thousand.

Biere a Quebec

A lot has happened on this first thousand. Already on the first day it became obvious that is going to be different than the first time. Previously I was really lucky with the weather. It’s not that this time around I’m not lucky, just not as lucky as the first time.

I had rain and head wind, sun and tail wind. It was cold (well relatively for May/June) and warm (no, hot it was not, not yet). I have camped in the company of bloodsuckers and without them. Camping was done in rain and in sun. Legs were excited about pedalling but also tired and heavy. Mentally I was high and also not so excited.

But I have a feeling that the legs got accustomed (lacking real hills but all in due time) and my ass is not complaining.

Anyhow, considering all, things are going according to the plan. Unexpectedly and in the right direction!


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