Some of you might have noticed that there is a new option on the right side of this blog (for those who have not, it might be good time to see your optometrist) called “Contributions”. Why so? Well, let’s make a short explanation.

At the moment I’m in Montreal, Canada and after more than three weeks in Canada I’m realising that it is an expensive country. Here are some examples. Half a kilo of bread (OK, toast) costs 2-2,5 EUR. If I decide to have a yoghurt for breakfast, half a kilo of it costs between 2,5 and 3 EUR. And since I’m a cyclist, I eat a lot, so I have to “spice-up” the yoghurt with some cereals. They cost about 3 EUR for 400g. I have switched to milk instead of yoghurt (half a litre costs 1,5 EUR). Since I like coffee which also warms me up on a cold, rainy day, I stop in a fast food restaurant from time to time. The brew they serve there costs between 1 and 2 EUR. If the day is hot, it can happen that I crave for a cold drink (2,5 EUR). On exceptional occasions I might opt for a beer which you can get in a shop for 2,5 EUR. If you go into a pub, then Happy hours price is 3,5 EUR and 6 EUR at not so Happy hours.

Accommodations are a different story. I have stayed at official campsites twice so far (and hopefully this no. will not dramatically increase). Once it was 20 EUR and the second time 23 EUR (where there was an additional 0,7 EUR for a shower – as a matter of principle I did not take it). The stupid part of it all is that a dorm bed in a hostel costs about the same. With the addition that you do not have to set up the roof over your head. Lately I’m opting for warm showers and couchsurfing. Less expensive and as a bonus you get to meet the locals which is always fun.

Looking at it all, it is not hard to spend 35 EUR a day without too much of commodities. At the moment I’m managing to spend under 25 EUR/day and I sincerely hope that the further down south I go, the further down this number will go as well.

When I was explaining this to my friend Brane, he said that these kind of prices will only be an extra motivation for me to set up the contribution option. I had this in mind from when I went on this trip, it’s just that I haven’t really make it a reality. And why contributions? Well, I know there are some of you who read this blog. And, without too much modesty, I can imagine that you like my writting. That you want this adventure of mine to continue so that I can offer you more stories from the road and with them enable you to partake on this adventure. Maybe you would only like that I go for a cold one once in a while. Well all this is connected with my financial abilities and enabling the contributions will increase my financial abilities and at the same time offer you to share this aspect of the adventure as well 🙂

As a reward for making it through this text, I would just like to let you know that I have added some new photos.


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