On current socially political affairs and cow tipping in Mississippi

My vacation in New York City coincided with the Supreme Court’s ruling on legalization of homosexual marriages in federal level in US. This ruling was passed on Friday, 26th June. Since on the road I do not follow current World affairs and different web news portals rarely see me as their guest, this news could easily pass by unnoticed. But as it turned out, I did notice this news. This way I was not left in the dark wondering what it is all about when on Saturday evening I met Jai and Alfredo (thanks Maja for linking us up). They hosted me over the weekend on Sunday we went out for breakfast and after that I accepted their invitation to join them to see Pride parade. It was happening that Sunday and since I was in the City I thought to myself why not. I have never seen one (not even the one in Ljubljana). So we went.

Party on the streets, lots of people, music and dance. Full of positive energy. You see all kinds of people from eccentrics to older couples off all colours and races. The whole Rainbow.

IMG_1102 IMG_1106 IMG_1108 IMG_1109 IMG_1110

I was not ideally positioned to take photos, hence there are only a few.

Jai and Alfredo were not the only gay couple that hosted me in these days. On Monday I was heading back to Poughkeepsie to be reunited with Lou. I left it there with my couchsurfing host Val. And Val and his husband Eric were also in the City over the weekend. So they gave me a lift back to Poughkeepsie where in the evening they invited me to the local micro-brewery for a dinner. Good food, excellent beer and a superb company. Amongst many topics discussed over the evening I also told the story on how I got to milk the cow. And since we have also talked about the route I plan to take across the US, Eric as a joke mentioned that I might have a different experience that involves cows in Mississippi. Apparently there is a form of entertainment they call cow tipping. It supposed to go like this. At night when the cows are sleeping standing on the pasture, you sneak up to them and at the last moment charge them. You hit them on their side and with the mastery of the proper technique and some luck you manage to tip them over. After that you must run away as fast as you can since when the cows realize what has happened, they tend to charge you. Great fun on the countryside. Of course there are certain recommendations and techniques how you can successfully pull this off. I got the recommendations on this but I suppose the alcohol “helped” me for forget all of it. Probably I will have to get some local advice in Mississippi.


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