It has been several years since I had realized that there are so many places in this world that I would like to visit. Shortly afterwards came a realization that I will never be able to visit them all.

One of the main ingredients of travelling is making decisions. Where to stop for a break, food, sleep, whom and when to ask for an advice and direction, which route to take,… In this regard traveling on a bicycle is not much different. There might be situations that you do not encounter when backpacking (e.g. which road is less busy and hence safer) and you have to make a decision but then again there are situations you are not faced with (e.g. which public transportation to take).

As it happened at the end of my “vacation” in NYC I was faced with a dilemma which route should I take after the reunion with Lou in Poughkeepsie. Across the Hudson and slowly towards west and then south somehow towards Washington DC? Or an alternative that I came across the day before last of my vacation. This one would lead me straight south. To NYC, take a ferry to New Jersey’s Atlantic shore and approach DC from the east. Both options had their pros and cons. Western route goes through less populated areas (hence less traffic and more nature), but it would take me in and out of DC on the same route. Besides the southern route promised cycling on Manhattan (and an opportunity to say that I had cycled NYC), different ways in and out of DC, but at the same time would go through more built-up areas of Jersey shore.

Since I could not make up my mind, I started to look for Signs that would help me make the decision. Signs are always around us and they show as the way just sometimes we tend to not see them. These Signs might come in a form of a bus that comes by and it makes it easier to make up our mind where to go or they might come up in a form of a people that we meet and they help us with an advice or there is a book that catches our eye and allow our Dreams to take flight, …

What helped me make up my mind where the host or potential hosts on both routes. Before setting off I have sent requests for accommodation to both directions and said to myself that the right one will be the one from which I will receive the first positive reply.

To this day I still haven’t received any reply from the western route even thou I have sent my requests there the day prior to the ones sent to the southern route. From the southern route I have received five positive replies to five requests I have sent. Since I only had three days planned for the route I actually had to kindly decline two of them.

Decision was made and I had hit the road!  Thank you Jai and Alfredo for helping me fomulate the idea, Dick & Diana, Brain & Fran and Carol & Mark for helping me make the decision.

The Signs are always there we just have to keep our eyes open!


Oh, and just to make it official, Lou and me on Manhattan!


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