Back amongst people

One of the reasons why it took me so long to write the post previously is the fact that I tried to conserve the battery on my notebook. When you sleep in the tent the wall normally does not have sockets to plug in your charger. So I try to conserve the battery so that I have it available for checking my mails, to communicate with the world and to arrange my accommodations when necessary.
In in an attempt for the story not to repeat itself, I have decided to write this post on paper and just retype it when I get to electricity. This time around however it got complicated in a different way since I have managed to drop my notebook on the floor. The result was a broken screen and a nonfunctioning power button. So I had to leave it at a repair shop in hope the magician there will be able to somehow make it work. At least that I will be able to power it on and off. Broken screen I can somehow deal with. In the mean time I using the computer of my warm showers host Zach (which is evident in the Slovenian version of the text since it is missing our special characters).
But all this is a completely different story, one that I might get back to some other time. What is following now is the post I wrote on paper.
After the three nights on the C&O Canal I had decided to leave the trail behind and get back on the road, into civilization and amongst people. The main reason was the fact that the trail was very muddy due to the everyday rain and thunderstorms. Not only that riding a muddy trail leaves you covered in mud from head to toe, but riding in mud is also much harder and slower. So I have switched from trail to road and immediately hit a climb or better said a series of them. Some were so steep that I had to get off of my bicycle three times and just push it along. Descend was equally interesting. The length and the gradient combined made my brake pads barely useful at the ned and the rims were very hot. That means – a break for the equipment to cool off. And then to the first town where I wanted to do some shopping (food and tobacco). Well this did not work out as planned. The town, judging by the map not to small, was in reality only a few houses and a post office. In search of a coffee and food the nice lady at the post office directed me towards VFW. So I went there thinking that this is just another chain of grocery stores. Well, it is not! It is war veterans club. And to my luck this one was open to nonmembers as well so I was able to get in.
My desire for coffee transformed itself in to ordering the cheapest cold beer. 2USD for 0,33l Budweiser. Shocked at the price (the cheapest beer here in the US I have had so far) I have expressed my desire for food in form of ordering a cheeseburger and fries (5USD). And I was making my way through my lunch, the clubs quartermaster came. After some standard questions (who, from and to where and how) on his side and some standard replies on my side led to the man buying me 2 more beers.
Lunch break just got a lot longer but still not long enough to prevent me from doing some more kilometers today. So I’ve pushed on!
Across the Potomac River into West Virginia where I was greeted by rain whichh I managed to shelter it out on a gas station. Since it did not show as if I could get an affordable option to spend the night in this town (i.e. pitching my tent), I went on in hope I manage to set up my tent before the next rain comes in.
West Virginia is mountainous (reminds me of Gornejska region back home, just the mountains here are much lower) so climbs and descends are a common thing. At the end of one such descend there was a farm to my right. From the barn by the road I hear some human voices, so I’ve pulled over. A young couple Jenna and Shane was there so I ask them if it would be OK with them if I pitch my tent on their property. Without much hesitation they’ve agreed and point me towards the river where they have an actual camping ground for trailers. They ask me if I need anything else and I ask for some water. In reply they say they will bring it to me later.
Location for the tent is perfect and what is even better, I set it up under a small pavilion next to one trailer. This way I’ll have additional roof over my head and the tent will be dry in the morning. So as the few T-shirts and under ware I had washed the previous evening which the rain managed to soak all night long.
Jenna and Shane arrive a little later with water and a bag of food for the road (sandwiches, snacks and fruits). A nice thank you is in order since I do not have anything else to offer. Once they are gone I head towards the river to wash myself (no swimming thou). This is followed by the evening ritual of coffee, cigarette and diner.
Sleeping under a roof is nice as well!


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