Well this time I will not be writing about age since it takes a while to go from 35 to 100. But 100 is the number of days I have already spent on the road (technically at the moment of writing this it has been 111 days).
On day 100 I have entered Texas and at the moment I’m in Austin, capital of this second largest US state. Initially Texas was no different from Louisiana where sugarcane and rice fields have been already replaced by forests and logging trucks have become common sight on the road. And then it happened. How do you know you are in Texas? You see by the roadside a sign that says “Horse shoe sale!” A little later, there is a sign that says “Saddle Sale!” Few people that you see walking wear cowboy hats and cowboy boots (stereotype but real). Most of the people in fact are not walking but they drive past by you in their air conditioned pick-up trucks. Another stereotype, but the fact is that here in Texas I have seen more pick-ups than in any other state I have visited so far. And the drivers of these pick-ups do bother me. Not because they are driving these huge, hungry beasts that consume oil like it was water sitting in their nicely cooled air conditioned cabin while I struggle outside pushing pedals in the scorching sun. No, what bothers me is the horrible noise they make with their tires which are more suitable for driving off road than on tarmac. And in their nicely cooled, perfectly sound insulated cabin they do not even realize what kind of an unbearable noise they are actually producing. So I resort to listening to music while I turn the pedals. It does offer me some shelter from this unbearable noise.
I’m in Austin for almost a week now. There was quite some stuff I had to do (among other also this post which is quite overdue). Lou needed some caring as the cable of the front derailleur broke again. While repairing it, the guy whom I have turn to for some help and advice noticed that the handlebar post has cracked. So we (well he) fixed that as well. Also 6.000 km have taken their toll on the tires so Lou got a new pair of “shoes” (in vain I have searched for tires I wanted – apparently the city of Lance Armstrong is not as well stocked with equipment as one might expect – I’ll be using the recommended alternative). And while I was putting on the new tires, I noticed my rear rim has cracked. Luckily for me, I’m staying with a warmshowers host Evan who not only had a rim but an entire rear wheel that he did not need. Uau, thanks Evan! One challenge less for me.
Additionally my brother, Matjaž sent me a parcel via DHL to Austin. In Jackson, Mississippi I managed to lose my Slovenian flag. Also before departing I left back home some materials (maps) for countries ahead. Which was good since here it is impossible to find a decent map of Mexico (also something I have not anticipated). And a new mp3 player made it to here. I have ordered it well before I left home but it has arrived only when I was already in Canada (I left some not good review for the seller at Amazon).
And there are thousand and one little thing one has to do without even realizing when the time goes by. But tomorrow I’ll be hitting the road. It is calling me! The desert to the west, the solitude, the wind (hopefully not too strong and to my back), night sky full of stars and in the morning the first rays of a new day that are to wake me up with a Smile on my face. They are all calling me!

With a Smile on my face, until next time!

I have also fiddled around with the website and created a new option – Ask Simon
It is intended for you to send me questions about a topic you are interested in and I have not yet properly covered it.

Are you interested into something specific about traveling with a bicycle or the lands I have visited and I have not yet touched the subject? Do you have a question about life in general and are interested to see what kind of an answer several hours of turning the pedals, contemplating the topic might give? Maybe you would just like to know what goodies I had for breakfast (yeah, it is still valid, food is cyclists favourite topic)?
Search no more. Just first send me the question.

And some photos!

Welcome to Texas!

One American experience I can live without

Fueling up

Actually there used to be lots of bars and houses of dubious reputation in this town and if you came here there was a good chance you either got cut or shot – Cut and Shoot!

Fast food alley

Slow food – Baked BBQ potatoe

At the end of a rainbow – 6.000 km – I will go on!

Heavy weight toll

Support from home


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