Fiesta De Papas

Those of you who regularly check my progress on Where Is Simon have probably notice that my progress here in Mexico has seriously slowed down. Besides the obvious reason that I have ventured into the mountainous region where the roads are more like a roller coaster ride in an amusement park with their endless ups and downs, meanderings through the narrow river valleys or mountain ridges, there is another reason. In Creel I came in contact with Gina, an anthropologist who works, through some project, with communities of local Indians, the Tarahumaras. And Gina mentioned to me that on Sunday, October 11th there will be a fiesta in a village of Norogachi. Potato fiesta (Fiesta De Papas)!
To me this information was like an invitation to an unforgettable experience and obviously I have immediately invited myself to accompany her on her visit to the village. And since she agreed, I had to adjust the speed of my progress to the timing of this fiesta.
Since in words I can hardly describe this overflow of colours, impressions and uniqueness that have awaited me there, here I’m offering you some photos instead.

What is missing from these photos are the relaxed smiles (only on this occasion I managed to Tarahumaras smile) that emerged in the later hours after there has been lots of tesguino (traditional drink made of fermented corn (and who knows what else)) drunk and also spilled. Also there are no photos of the morning after when those who have fought tesguino most zealously had to admit defeat and had found various spots around the village to sleep it over. This part of a party is the same all over the world.
Oh, and why there are no photos? Well, I did it again. I managed to pull off something typically me. I have run out of batteries for my camera!

With a Smile on my face, until next time!



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