Simon’s Brightest – Coffee With Milk

For this jubilee thirties post on this blog I have decided to open a new category. I’m naming it “Simon’s Brightest” and it is intended to immortalise some of my particularly brilliant moments on my travels (this one and also earlier ones). There are a few in stock, but considering my unquestionable talent and giftedness, I have no doubt there will be enough material for this category.

For this first entry I will travel back for about three months when I was still battling the heat and humidity of August in Mississippi. In contrast with other days when the sun was scorching down and the humidity after 9h was so unbearable that one was soaked in sweat just walking out on the street, on this day it was raining pleasantly all morning. Since it was one of my off days, I was able to treat myself with a slow awakening into life and wandering outside little before noon for a coffee. Just for pleasure!
Based on the recommendation of my local host I ventured on the main street where there was a nice little café with good coffee. A nice young woman in her mid-twenties is there behind the counter. With a charming smile on her face she asks me: “What can I get for you sir?” Since it is only befitting and above all it feels appropriate I smile back and I reply “One coffee latte please!” I’m all about kindness but this does not stop me from further specifying my order. Coffee is, after all, something sacred in my world and when I have the chance to drink a proper coffee, I want to drink it the way I like, with milk. So I add “And can I have some milk with it!” She looks at me confused. As she is not entirely sure and to avoid any misunderstanding, she asks me “Coffee latte with milk?!” And now is my turn to be confused for a moment. Well at least until it hits me. I have ordered coffee LATTE. The name itself suggests there will be milk with my coffee.
I turn red and a dumb smile comes across my face! Fuck it, sometimes I just do manage to pull one off!

With a Smile on my face, until next time!

Mexican Latte


Simon’s Brightest



    1. Ivan hi! Sorry for a late reply 🙂 Today I’m in Aguascalientes, Mexico. Tomorrow – who knows 🙂 Generally traveling south with no fixed route right now.


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