About me


Pleasant man in his mid-thirties – right, this is not a profile of an online dating service.

So, meet Simon that is going on a Tour.

My name is Simon Cvenček from Ljubljana, Slovenia. Traveller by heart since my early ages that likes discovering new horizons. Initially through books, after high school with my first Interrail also in actions. In 2008 the occasional wanderings were upgraded with a 13 month of pedalling from Ljubljana to the east. I was making my Dreams a reality.

On this travel I went through Life with every turn of the pedals. And as it often happens in life, the road lead me into unknown until on the 9th May 2009 I came back from New Zealand. Already then the new seeds of the same Dreams were sown deep within me. I am going west. New World of new lands, new people with new Smiles.

As I once read: “When we wake up in the morning, we have two simple choices. Go back to sleep and dream, or wake up and chase those dreams”.11052009449

I believe that Dreams are important and that, once you recognize them, you need to follow them regardless of what kind of Dreams they are. Each one has his/her own Dreams and each of those are equally important. I am following mine now due west.

Do you have a question for me or would just like to get in touch? You can reach me here.


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